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Saturday 1 December 2012

Grandpa In My Pocket : Lighthouse View Good As New DVD Review

We are all big 'Grandpa in My Pocket' fans in the Mellow Mummy household - even Holly who has grown up watching and listening to her big sister's favourites and now finds it very peaceful to be sitting on her own watching Grandpa while I am busy in the kitchen!

I love having Grandpa in My Pocket DVDs on hand so that I can respond to the demand for some quiet time whenever Lara needs it and this latest DVD - Lighthouse View As Good As New - from Abbey Home Media is full of episodes that we haven't seen (probably because Lara was too busy being a big sister for much of the summer).

This particular selection of five recent episodes of Grandpa In My pocket features all of our favourite characters including Bubbles the babysitter, Great Aunt Loretta and of course, Captain Dumbletwit.  It also has two episodes about the very quirky Mr. Mentor the inventor, including one where Mr. Mentor decides he wants to give up inventing.  Oh noooooo!

As always, Grandpa (James Bowlam) always puts on his shrinking cap and tries to save the day.  Our favourite episode features a celebrity chef - Mrs. McWhiskit - who has been invited to try some of Great Aunt Loretta's cooking - euch.  Grandpa sorts it all out though in the end.

Lighthouse View As Good As New would make a great christmas pressie for any Grandpa fan.

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