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Saturday 22 December 2012

The Room On The Broom - a Christmas Day Spectacular

The Room on The Broom is the latest Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler creation to be turned into a magical animated film and we will all get a chance to see it on Christmas Day on BBC1. Lara has absolutely loved The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child these past two years as they are extremely special stories animated in an extremely impressive way and The Room On The Broom is no different - Lara was mesmerised by it when we watched a preview.

I haven't actually read the book The Room On The Broom yet (I'll admit I never read The Gruffalo until I had seen the film but since then we've become big Julia Donaldson fans) but the movie was perfect - that slow, captivating rhyme that draws you in.  The story is narrated by Simon Pegg.

The Room On The Broom is described as a story about a kind witch who invites a surprising collection of animals to join her on her broom, much to the frustration of her cat. The gang ultimately saves the witch from a fearsome dragon, and in gratitude she rewards them with a magnificent new broom which has room for everyone.

Once again there is a star-studded cast that ensures this film gets star status on Christmas Day.  Gillian Anderson takes the leading role of the Witch with Rob Brydon as the cat who is, quite honestly, my favourite  character of all with lots of very cat-like characteristics! The film also stars Martin Clunes, Sally Hawkins, Simon Pegg, Timothy Spall and even David Walliams.

Lara found moments of the film quite scary even though she knew the story from nursery but having watched it once from behind the living room door a big smile came to her face when the previously scary dragon turned a bit bashful instead.

The Room On The Broom is broadcast on Christmas Day, BBC1, 4.35PM.

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