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Sunday 23 December 2012

Schuh Kids Review

When the world of UK mums found out that Schuh were launching a kids range of shoes, there was a ripple of excitement across facebook and twitter! Stylish, designer shoes for little feet as well as big ones. Yay!

Lara and Holly were really lucky to be offered the chance to try a pair of shoes from the range of kids shoes. Schuh sell some big brands of footwear such as Vans, Converse, Ugg and Toms and usually these are reserved for teens upwards due to the sizes available but now Schuh are stocking these brands for children as young as... well... newborn!

Schuh have a range of crib shoes for pre-walkers and tiny babies which, I will admit, are more for show than anything else. Tiny feet are always better out of shoes for as long as you can get away with so I wouldn't normally put shoes on Holly unless it is either totally freezing outside or if I wanted her to look particularly stylish for a photo or a visit to friends!

I chose Holly a very very cute pair of pink mini converse trainers. I just couldn't resist them. They are, of course, totally impractical. How hard is it to try and get a crawling baby to sit still long enough to tie their laces? And how long is it before she undoes the laces and chews them until they are soggy??? - seconds. Ah well, at least they will look good for our Christmas photos and it looks very cute when she and her big sister match.

Yes, that's right, I chose Lara exactly the same pair of pink Converse high-ankle boots from the junior range (Lara has already grown out of toddler sizes). I was tempted by a pair of Hello Kitty Vans but I'm glad I plumped for matching shoes - Lara LOVES her new trainers. They are so totally and utterly 'her'. Casual and fun yet totally feminine. The only sad thing about this situation is that now I want a pair of matching pink Converses! I used to own a pair of groovy green ones when I was in my teens and they were just about my favourite pair of shoes ever.

I ordered the girls' shoes online and arranged for them to be delivered to my local store. Delivery to your home is free but I wanted to be able to try them on an make an easy return if they didn't fit so I got them delivered to Schuh in Reading.

The staff in store were really helpful and not miffed at all by the kids. I was half expecting them to be a bit out of practice with children's feet given that their customers are normally older but they were cheerful and helpful and great with Lara who, quite randomly, appeared bawling at their doorway with blood seeping from each side of her mouth after a faceplant on the freezing cold pavement - poor mite! A new pair of pink boots definitely cheered her up though.

Holly's shoes cost £22 and Lara's cost £27 from

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