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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Trendsetting New Mums

This is a guest post from Darcie Hewitt-Dudding on behalf of Milkbug.

Long gone are the days where mums are seen as frumpy, cake-baking, jam-making, apron-wearing kid wranglers. It’s actually quite cool to be a mum, with pregnant celebrities looking as amazing on the catwalk as their non-pregnant counterparts. Young women like Lily Cooper (nee Allen) and Peaches Geldof are breaking the mumsy stereotype in the media, making being a mum supercool. Along with the latest news that Kate Middleton is pregnant, there’s nothing more in vogue than joyfully bringing life into the world and looking and feeling good whilst you do it.

New Mum Pressure
In the media, there is always a furore when a woman has her baby, particularly when they ‘struggle to lose baby weight’ or start their workout the day after giving birth and are stick thin a week later. There is also the question of whether you go back to work or not, with media ‘supermums’ somehow juggling several children and their high-flying career. Are you exhausted just reading that? Me too. Though we know it’s an impossible ideal, it still puts a pressure on regular mums like you and I, making us feel under even more pressure to be a good mum as well as looking like a model and keeping a hold of our careers.

Looking Amazing without all the Hard Work
No regular actual mum has time or energy to exercise and look after a newborn, and apparently neither does Gwen Stefani who has recently said she has given up working out in favour of spending time with her children, so there’s really no need to feel bad about your wobbly belly! The key to looking good is the cut of your clothes. Milkbug is a cute little clothing company that caters for nursing mums. Combining functionality with fashion, they have filled the gap in the market for young mums who want to be comfortable, practical and stylish and want the confidence to breastfeed wherever they may need to. They offer a range of different pieces, from Milkbug tops, to dresses and nightwear, all designed with nursing in mind. Their clothes are designed in a range of different styles for nursing access, from oversized armholes and layers, to empire line and princess line access, so there is never any unnecessary flesh exposed and you can breastfeed in comfort. Most of these pieces are suitable for use from pregnancy right through to post-partum. This way you don’t need to have rock-hard abs the day after you’ve birth, you can just create the illusion with beautifully cut clothes, and feel confident and radiant just as you are.  

Images courtesy of Milkbug.
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