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Sunday 9 December 2012

Bigsby Story Buddy Review

Meet Bigsby.

Bigsby is a cute fluffy monster with a great big cheeky smile. Not only is he cuddly but he also likes to listen to stories! Bigsby is the latest Story Buddy character from Hallmark.

Bigsby sits with Lara and Holly while I read them his story book. He came with one book "Bigsby's Best Friend" but there are a couple of other books available to buy too. The magical think about the Story Buddy is that he interacts with the story as you read it. There are certain words and phrases throughout the book that Bigsby responds to and he seems to come alive.

The first time that we read the Bigsby story, Lara nearly fell of her chair. She was totally engrossed in her story when Bigsby said "Bigsby Bashful". She thought it was hilarious and Holly just gave him a look!

I had expected the novelty to wear off for Lara (it certainly did for me). After a few times of reading the story, she still seems to enjoy hearing him pipe in with his twopence worth. I think it helps that it is a story that she enjoys but I find myself reading the book hesitantly because I know what's coming (the words that activate his voice are marked in the book).

Mr. B. quickly worked out some of Bigsby's key phrases and sometimes shouts them just to confuse matters. Apparently Bigsby's vocabulary is extended in each extra book.  He has also tried lots of different speeds and accents and Bigsby seems to be very flexible and it is quite hard to catch him out.

To me, the entertainment factor is greatly limited by the number of books that the Story Buddy responds to. I'd love it if he could just sit there and respond to any story book that we read (but then I'm a techy and I know that that would be seriously complex to achieve).

Bigsby costs £19.99 and is available in Hallmark stores, independent gift stores and at The additional books for Bigsby are also available priced at £5.99 each.

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