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Thursday 18 April 2013

Bailey Button Butterfly Ugg Boots - 100% Lara

Lara has been pestering me for a pair of boots for ages ("Mummy, I want some snuggly boots like yours") but Lara has been blessed with fat calves, just like her Mummy, so boots don't often fit... to be honest, I hadn't entertained the idea of UGG boots for her until UGG contacted us to try out some of their toddler and kids UGG boots.

The Bailey Button Butterly Boots for toddlers are, I will admit, an extravagance at £100 but when you're nearly 4 things don't get much better than a pair of soft, purple, fleecy, butterfly print, shimmery boots, do they? These boots are Lara's dream shoe. Purple and with butterflys. The only trouble is that now Lara wants to wear them all of the time as slippers, trainers and every day shoes and there is absolutely no way I am going to let her wear these UGGs to nursery. The first time Lara jumps in a muddy puddle wearing them, I will probably break.

Lara's favourite element of her new boots is the rubberised butterfly-shaped button which she finds really fascinating.  To me, the most fascinating thing is the name.  These Bailey Button boots are not only perfectly made for Lara, but named after her too!

Now that the weather is warmer, I'm wondering how much Lara will really want to wear her snuggly UGG boots.  I know that my own fleecy boots are beginning to feel a bit warm when I go to work and I'm on the lookout for a more summery pair of shoes.

Note: We were sent the UGG boots for review but that doesn't stop this being a fun and honest read.
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