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Friday 19 April 2013

P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign

P&G has partnered with Asda and for every pack of a P&G product purchased, they will donate one day’s clean drinking water though the P&G Asda Clean Water Campaign.

Whilst most of the readers of Mellow Mummy are fortunate enough to have safe, clean water available at our fingertips, 2,000 children worldwide die as a result of diseases that cause diarrhoea by drinking contaminated water every day. This means that more children die from diarrheal illnesses such as cholera and dysentery, than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. P&G has been working to combat the crisis through its purification technology – little sachets that can transform 10 litres of contaminated water into something that is clean and safe to drink in just 30 minutes. You can see the magic in action below and I'm going to try and give it a whirl myself this weekend:

Until the 8th of May you can make a difference too just by doing your normal weekly shopping because for every P&G product bought in store at ASDA, P&G will donate the wherewithal to produce a day's clean drinking water. After the 8th May, a number of P&G products including brands Gillette, Ariel, Fairy and Pantene® which bear the 1 pack = 1 day’s clean drinking water logo will continue to trigger a donation the programme.

For people that do not wish to purchase but would like to participate, you can visit and throughout the campaign, every like or share will trigger a donation of a day’s drinking water to the CSDW Programme.
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