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Sunday 14 April 2013

Scootrix Scooter Noise Maker Review

The Handpicked Collection always have something quirky in their new catalogues that surprises me and this brand new scooter accessory from Scootrix is our latest find.

The Scootrix Noisemaker is a small rubberised attachment that clips over any scooter's handlebars.  It has four buttons which, when pressed, make four different sound effects at quite some volume which allow your child to be heard when they are whizzing along on their scooters.

For Lara, the novelty is in the noises.  She particularly enjoys the police siren and the star-wars-esque laser-style sound effects.  Lara likes to unclip the Noisemaker and take it with her indoors!!!

For adults there is also a good reason to own a Noisemaker.  Lots of parents take their children our in public on their scooters; I know we see lots of children on the school run and we often take Lara to the park on her scooter.  The Scootrix Noisemaker is handy if your child is on a pavement and wants to notify another pedestrian that they are behind them, a bit like a bell, but with crazier noises!!!

I like the fact that the Noisemaker is easily removable and that the volume is genuinely loud enough to be heard when out on the pavement but I think the noise might take some pedestrians by surprise.

The Scootrix Noisemaker costs £9.95 from The Handpicked Collection who have some great gift ideas for kids.
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