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Sunday 21 April 2013

Personalised Kids Apron - Made By Jude

Sometimes I bliming love being a blogger; one of the reasons why I do what I do is because I enjoy finding out about new and exciting places to buy products for babies and children and Made By Jude is one such awesome new find.

Jude has launched her own online business to sell handmade taggy blankets, dribble bibs, children's aprons and personalised items.  Jude contacted me to try out some of her handmade products for babies and children and I knew instantly that, since Holly has just started to join me and Lara in the kitchen, that Holly NEEDED a personalised apron from Jude!

Holly's personalised Apron is incredibly simple in design but it is so much better quality than anything you could buy in a shop... from the quality of the fabric (a nice thick cotton twill) to the handy pocket at the front (good for putting grubby spoons in).  My favourite feature (other than Holly's name embroidered across the front) is the simple mechanism for adjusting the length of the neck-tie... why don't more aprons have these??? This simple thing means that, although the apron is quite large for Holly now, I can adjust it so that it sits well across her front and, as she grows it will grow with her... it is certainly big enough for Lara to use so there will be many years of use ahead of us.

Jude also sent Lara a sample of her handmade toy cloth nappy (great timing for Real Nappy Week this week).  I think this is one of the most genius things on the planet.  I can see it being a good way for Jude to use small pieces of fabric up but the outcome is a toy suitable for a doll or a teddy bear which gets your child into eco-role-play!  I have always thought it a little disappointing that the only nappies that Lara's doll Rosie gets to use are toy disposable nappies.  At first, I let Lara try using Holly's cloth nappies but they were much too huge for her doll.  It is great that Lara can join in with our green way of life through role-play and the handmade toy nappy looks very similar to some of our different brands of pop-together cloth nappies!  The dolls cloth nappy costs £4.

You can find Jude and her handmade products at and on Facebook.  Do take a look at her products.
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