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Sunday 7 April 2013

Little Grippers Sock Review

Socks. I never suffered sock woes with Lara, but Holly gets through socks at such a rate! I must have had to go back to our local supermarket about 10 times so far to ask if anyone has found a missing sock.. Sometimes even a shoe! Little Grippers claim to have found an answer to my woes... their clever socks that stay put.

I'll admit that I've never tried a contraption that holds baby socks in place because I have worried that they might be uncomfortable for Holly to wear, or that they might add too much bulk should I want to put shoes in Holly to keep her warm. The beauty of the Little Grippers baby and toddler socks is that they don't need anything extra to hold them on... They are normal soft ribbed baby socks but with a line of their magic Stay On material around the top cuff of the sock which help them to stay up.

I can only describe the material of the stay on grip to be a bit like the thin line of nearly adhesive magic stuff that kept my nylon stockings up on the day I got married! The 'sticky' bit is invisible from the outside and is made of natural materials. My initial thoughts were that it would feel a bit uncomfy on Holly's ankles but then I remembered those wedding stockings and the fact that you simply couldn't feel anything at all, and that settled my mind.

The Little Grippers socks are great. Nothing awfully exciting on the outside (they are currently available in pink, blue, yellow and white) but they certainly do stay on well.  I chose Holy a pair for age 12-24 months and she is, admittedly, a bit small for them but despite the fact that they look enormous on her, they have never yet fallen off!.  I'm impressed enough to have started looking at their bigger girls school socks for later this year when Lara starts school.

Magic stay-on stuff around the ankle

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