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Sunday 28 April 2013

Smart Trike Dream 4-in-1 Review

Now that the weather has shown signs of spring we are getting more and more opportunities to go out and about with Holly on her Smart Trike 4-in-1 with Dream Touch Steering.  Holly is still using it in the first mode with all the supports and straps on and she will do for another few months yet, but as she grows older we will be able to remove the supports and the straps slowly as she increases her own confidence and dexterity.

Holly most enjoys playing with her integrated toy mobile phone but I'd be happier if she was using a hands-free kit!!!  When we are chasing Daddy and Lara around the streets she likes to grab onto the handle bars and wiggle them but at present I'm in charge of the steering from the handlebars behind.  And the steering... does it live up to the name "Dream Touch"?  Well yes.  I'm far more impressed with the smoothness of the ride than I ever was with Lara's older trike or any I've tried at toddler groups.  I think a lot of the gentleness of the ride is also to do with the rubber wheels which seem to absorb a lot of the sound and bumps from the pavement... it certainly sounds a lot less bumpy and trundly (is that a word?) than Lara's trike did.

Smart Trike also like to boast about how easy it is to assemble the Dream Touch 4-in-1 Trike and I think Mr. B. and Lara would agree.  OK, so it took them a bit more than a minute to assemble but that was largely due to Lara "helping" her Daddy!!! However, a few minutes later the Smart Trike was complete and they were still on talking terms so it can't have been that stressful to assemble!

For me, the Smart Trike oozes quality. From the ease of use... to the quality of the safety clips.  From the soft rubber handles for Holly to the thickness and finish of the fabric.   Little things like the feeling of the sun shade as you move it backwards and forwards... it just feels smooth and easy to use. I have absolutely no doubt that at around £100 it is good value for money as it is certainly built to last and will see Holly through until she is 3 years old.

Disclaimer: Holly was sent her Smart Trike to review but all our thoughts and feedback are our own.
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