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Thursday 11 April 2013

Travel Inspiration for Preschoolers

It is quite some time since we last took a long-haul flights with Lara and now that we are a family of four, the idea of a long flight with two children is quite frankly terrifying.  This year our long-haul is by road but however you travel, finding enough entertainment and inspiration for children during those long miles is a challenge.  Emirates sent Lara one of their new toy kits which are designed for preschoolers to see whether it inspired her.

The Emirates toy kit includes a rucksack and a Dr. Suess paperback book (ours was 'I can read with my eyes shut' which Lara absolutely loved and even attempted to read with me!!!).  There is also a Quiksilver folio which includes a notepad and pen as well as lots of activity sheets about their trip.  And finally there is the blanket which is wrapped by the very cool 'Fly With Me' monster who is a fluffy companion for your kids.

I was totally taken aback when Lara first opened her Emirates rucksack... literally seconds later she had curled up on the living room floor under her blanket, wearing her eye mask and cuddling her new-found monster friend for a little nap!!!  It was evident that Lara was instantly inspired.

Lara's monster is called Worzel.  Apparently he likes climbing hills, shouting and making noise but he hates smelly socks!!!

The one disappointment in the Emirates Toy Kit was the Quiksilver folio which I didn't feel fitted the same sort of age range as the other products.  The writing was too small for Lara to be interested in and the surf theme was a bit grown up for her.  Some of the activity sheets would be great for older children to help them think about and document their travels but for Lara they were just pages for her to scribble on.

On the whole, I think Lara would be reasonably impressed if she were given one of these on her travels.
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