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Friday 27 September 2013

Daisy Baby - Lazy Daisy Jazz CD Review

Daisy Baby music is a really calming CD full of totally mellow tracks designed specifically for chilling you and your baby out during massage or valuable bonding time.  I'm not normally a particularly jazzy type of person but I'm always on the lookout for new mellow music to play in the evenings to my girls.  My one-to-one time with Holly is few and far between these days but we still occasionally like to chill out with a bit of baby massage and what better way to do it that with a slow and funky musical background?

Lazy Daisy is a really inspiring company - founded by a mum of 5, Lazy Daisy is primarily concerned with offering relaxing classes for expectant parents and new parents up and down the country (and even further afield too!).  There are lots of different birthing and birth preparation classes on offer as well as new parents advice and baby first aid.  Each of the Lazy Daisy classes is built upon the fundamental principles of relaxation and parental ability to judge your own baby's signals and your own gut instincts (the fundamental principles behind my mellow mummy approach too).  Happy mummies = happy babies.

The Daisy Baby Music CD is the coming together of Lazy Daisy and 'Jazz for Babies'.  The resultant CD is 20 tracks of really recognisable tracks (such as Que Sera Sera, You are my Sunshine and Somewhere over the Rainbow) transformed into slow, mellow jazz.  Each track blends seamlessly into the next; there is a nice mix of tempos but nothing that will wake you up... everything is designed to slow you down.  Perfect for helping to settle a baby to sleep or to get you in the mood for a warming massage.

Holly responds well to the mellow jazz, even if Mr. B. cringes a bit when I play it (some of the tracks are certainly not the kind of music he would listen to normally... jazz or no jazz) and when I answered the phone last night even the random market research tele-caller on the other end of the phone commented on how mellow the music was!!!

Lazy Daisy's CD of Daisy Baby Music costs £9.99 plus postage from the Lazy Daisy website... while you're there, check out their Daisy Birthing and Daisy Baby courses which cost between £6 and £12 per week.

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