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Friday 13 September 2013

Kensington Safegrip iPad Case - Protection Against Toddlers!

When Mr. B. bought my my iPad earlier this year he made me promise to keep it out of the girl's hands. This is easier said than done, especially when there are so many great apps for kids available. I can't resist! I've tried a couple of ipad cases designed for use with kids but each time I had reverted back to my own cheapy unbranded case after a few weeks because it was easier for me to use. However, this time, I think I've found a keeper!!! The Safegrip from Kensington.

The Kensington Safegrip is a rugged iPad case (suitable for iPad 2 upwards). The reason why I think this is a keeper is that it isn't specifically restricted to use as a tablet case for children or toddlers. The Safegrip is a generic rugged iPad case which just happens to offer some protective value around kids which means that lots of the usability features such as access to the buttons and controls on your iPad are not sacrificed.

The Safegrip is really chunky and I can categorically state that it protects from bumps. Holly is such a cheeky monkey that she will quite regularly wrangle my iPad from my hands and disappear off through the house with it. It has been dropped! And the iPad remains unscathed thanks to the protection, on the corners at least, from the Safegrip. There is no direct protection for the screen when it comes to dropping but it does come with a screen-protection cover for you to apply that protects against minor scratches and grubby toddler fingerprints.

Holly particularly loves the big chunky handle on the Safegrip as it allows her to walk around with the iPad. I actually find it pretty awesome too! The handle folds over to double as a stand and I find this really useful - far more so that the foldy-over style cover I was used to.

The Kensington Safegrip has a stylus holder (I don't trust Holly with a stylus yet... but Lara has one) and a little pocket at the back where you could put a name label or picture of some sort.

I find it really easy to use my iPad while it is still in the Safegrip case and this makes it perfect for sharing with the girls. I no longer have to take the iPad out of a secure child-proof coating in order to simply change the volume or switch to a different app... in the past those niggly things just made it too stressful to use a case and lead to me risking the protection of my tech for my own convenience.

I think that with the addition of some mechanism to cover the screen when not in use, the Safegrip would be a perfect family-friendly iPad case.

The Kensington Safegrip iPad case costs £39.99; there is also a version available for iPad mini which costs £35.99.
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