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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Starting School - The Dead Zone

Lara is in the dead zone.  The really weird nothing-place between nursery and school... I feel really depressed on her behalf.

Today my facebook stream was filled with smiley photos of my friends's children on their first day at school. The start of a new term.  But Lara doesn't start school until the 12th so it feels a bit like she is missing out on the start of school fever!

All except two of Lara's friends have now left nursery and I suspect both of them will leave within the week which just leaves Lara and a class full of three year olds next week.  I've kept her in nursery right up until the last day so that I can save my holidays so that I can take time off with Lara at half-term and Christmas.

As Lara has said goodbye to her nursery friends over the last three weeks I've slightly regretted this decision because nursery has changed - their focus has moved on to activities for the younger children.

I don't think it has really sunk in for Lara what saying goodbye means.  For all but one or two of her nursery peers, this means never seeing them again.  With a new school there will be a whole new group of friends.

I asked Lara last night whether she was excited about starting school and the answer was "Yes, because I will get to eat sandwiches from my lunchbox!"  Good old Lara, always driven by her stomach.

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