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Thursday 12 September 2013

Pillow Pets Dream Lites Review

Holly and Lara are both already big fans of the original Pillow Pets and our thumpy bunny cuddly pillow pet gets a lot of love and attention every morning when they wake up. But this piece of cuddly loveliness is the brand new Pillow pets Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn who, in the space of a week, has vastly improved the ease of bedtimes!

The Dream Lites from Pillow Pets are a range of slightly smaller Pillow Pets which have a gentle starry lamp that glows. Our Rainbow Unicorn projects a pattern of stars on the ceiling in green, orange and blue. The pattern also has a little unicorn motif on it. To switch on the calming night light there is a small button on the back of the pet, you can press it to cycle through the colours and to switch it off.

There is a timer option on the light as well which means that I can leave the light gently glowing in Holly or Lara's room and let it time out so I don't need to go back into the room to switch the light off.

Holly seems particularly taken with the Pillow Pets Dream Lites. She is young enough not to want a light to read by when she goes to bed so she doesn't need a strong light in her room, just a gentle and soothing glow which is exactly what this gives. Both girls seem to be relaxed when they lie in bed and look up at the stars projected on their ceiling.

The Dream Lites pets are a good size for cuddling. They fold and fasten in the same way as their larger, original companions but because of the plastic covering over the lights and the chunky internal battery pack, they aren't that good for cuddling or resting your head on but this doesn't stop both girls from carrying the Unicorn round the house with them.

The Pillow Pets Dream Lites from Mookie Toys are available in 7 different animal designs including a vert striking penguin, a jolly giraffe and a snuggly puppy. The Dream Lites cost £19.99 which is great value considering the soothing effect ours has had on bedtimes.

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