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Friday 20 September 2013

Jeans for Genes with Debenhams

Today is Jeans for Genes day and families up and down the country have been sporting their favourite jeans instead of their normal uniform or work attire in order to raise money for children with genetic disorders.

On Jeans for Genes Day, schools and workplaces encourage people, young and old, to wear jeans and donate a small amount of money to charity for the privilege. 1 in 25 children in the UK has a genetic disorder of some kind that makes their life difficult to manage. Not only can genetic disorders lead to pain, suffering and bullying but health problems that genetic disorders can cause in the early years of life mean that genetic disorders are one of the UK's biggest causes of children under 14 years.

Debenhams sent Lara and I each a pair of jeans so that we can get involved too (I've donated the value of our jeans to Jeans for Genes Day).

I'm loving Debenhams kids jeans at present - Blue Zoo is my current favourite brand of kids clothes because they are just soooooo practical. The chunky, yet soft and colourful elasticated waists on the Blue Zoo jeans are perfect for toddlers right through to primary school children and these jeans also feature a cute pink and pastel coloured cat design on the pockets. Since Lara started school last week she has worn a simple uniform every day but today she wore a much more casual affair - and why not?

Finding jeans that fit me is always very tricky. Long legs = very few pairs of jeans that actually fit! Usually I only get to choose from a boring selection of clothes specifically designed for tall people which is why I was genuinely surprised to find these Mantarray boot cut jeans at Debenhams with a long leg in my size.  Woop!

Today is going to be a great Jeans for Genes day but that doesn't mean you can't get involved. Fundraising for Genetic Disorders UK takes place all year round - why not arrange your own jeans day at your workplace or school?

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