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Saturday 21 September 2013

Ultimate Tree Fu Tom Toy Review

One of Lara's favourite games to play with her friends at nursery, and now school is "being Tree Fu Tom". This involves running round in a circle pretending to fly and then stopping, standing with legs open wide and arms out in front shouting "Tree Fu Go". Tree Fu Tom seems to have appeal for both girls and boys in my experience and it is great to see a posable toy such as this Ultimate Tom which has global appeal.

Ultimate Tom - Tree Fu Tom Posable Toy

Ultimate Tom from has moveable arms, legs and head so that you can try and move Tree Fu Tom into the positions that he demonstrates on his hit CBeebies show. He has a belt with buttons that allow him to say lots of his common phrases (enough that I don't get bored of hearing the same ones over and over again) and on his wrist his holo-thingamy-bob has a button you can press so that Tom can hear advice!

In Music mode, Tom is particularly clever. Press the button on his chest and his wings pop open behind him and if you lift and tilt him (as if he were flying) he plays the Tree Fu Tom theme music. It takes quite a period of inactivity for the music to come to an end so I have to keep reminding Lara to leave Ultimate Tom standing up so that the music stops! The movement sensor for the music is quite sensitive... one day Lara insisted on bringing Tom with her in the car and every time we went around a corner, the music started! I have since learned to switch him off if he is coming with us.

I think that Ultimate Tom is a really nice sturdy toy, chunky and tactile while being suitably interactive for a preschooler. My only small complaint is that the wings and cape come off more easily than I would expect (they are clearly designed to come off... but probably not as frequently as Lara and Holly insist on doing so now that they have found out that they do come off).

Ultimate Tom - Tree Fu Tom Posable Toy

Ultimate Tom is suitable for boys and girls aged 3 and over and costs around £24.99 and I think he would make a great Christmas Present for girls or boys.

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