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Thursday 4 September 2014

Burgers - A Recipe Book Review

Burgers, by Paul Gayler, is a small hardback book in the shape of.. a burger.  Burgers are fabulous things to cook with kids but they don't always have to be a plain old beef burger - this book is packed full of gourmet burgers with lots of different flavours, and ingredients!

This week we set about making our own burger rolls.  Making bread is something that the girls very much enjoy doing with their Daddy.

Unfortunately, this time our bread rolls were a total disaster so we went for plan B - the corner shop!  Thankfully our burger-making efforts were awesome so it totally made up for things.  We followed a recipe from Payl Gayler's book, Burgers called "Ploughman's Burger" which features a tangy beef and onion mix with strong cheddar cheese pockets in the middle which oozes out when you eat it.  Om nom nom.

Burgers also features lots of recipes for classic burger accompaniments such as chips and relishes.  To top our burger we made a sweet balsamic onion pickle, homemade coleslaw and fresh tomatoes, just like a ploughman's lunch.  The result was mouth-watering.

Paul Gaymer's book starts with a few burger classics including an ultimate burger with "the works" but it quickly moves on to fascinating flavour combos such as Indian flatbreads with tandoori lamb burgers, Turkey BLT or Carribbean pork burgers.  There are vegetarian options too with a couple of innovative fish burgers.

Burgers is a fun book and I can see the Mellow Family slowly working our way through it.  I'd love to see more photos in this book of the relishes, salads, sauces and accompaniments as I think some of these recipes are outstanding - can't wait to try making my own ketchup some day soon.

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