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Monday 1 September 2014

Netflix #StreamTeam - Music Memories

This month, as part of the Netflix Stream Team, we were asked to explore the wonderful world of music on Netflix.  Now, I'm not entirely sure that my taste in music was really what Netflix had intended this blog post to be about (the hints they sent me were all romantic musicals, not ambient electronic dance epics) so I really did need to dig into the Netflix depths to find musical documentaries, animations and movies that were suitable for our family to share together.

I find it fairly easy to view and get inspiration for very popular, mainstream content on Netflix but I rarely get offered the more obscure stuff by default in the "you might also like..." sections of the Apply TV device, or on my iPad.  I tried just searching for the word "music" and was surprised at some of the content I found.

For example, I spent a happy few hours watching obscure documentaries about Dutch house music (with subtitles) one Friday night!  I also discovered a couple of "live" festival documentaries.  But I didn't think that any of these would be right for bringing the family together.  Lara is really into air guitar at present and likes to try and reproduce the actions from dances both at home and at school so I really really wanted this month's Stream Team to involve them (even though I was encouraged to spend a night on my own indulgences).

I racked my brains for a musical movie that had made a big impression on me in the past, and which I could share with the girls.  Got it.  The Blues Brothers.

Granted, the language is a bit colourful for a 2 year old and a 5 year old but my goodness, did they love it.  What's not to love about memorable tunes, fancy dances and silly car chases.   A bit of slapstick, a lot of fun.

I loved being able to share a classic movie with my girls.  Being able to share a family moment.  A whole afternoon of us all enjoying the same fun on the television (rather than a whole afternoon of kids stuff!).

The Blues Brothers is a movie which features lots of classic tunes which get you dancing.  I challenge you to sit still on your sofa watching The Blues Brothers.  Simply Not Possible!

If you are looking for more musical inspiration, here a few ideas from Netflix.  Of course, now I shall return to my world of Dora the Explorer and the Bubble Guppies.



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