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Monday 22 September 2014

Edition Edelweiss Cosmetics Review

I am a self-proclaimed lover of luxury cosmetics AND also an enthusiastic user of natural, organic and gentle cosmetics - quite often these two loves are at loggerheads with one another and it is unusual to find a luxury cosmetics brand that I feel pulls off the 'natural' or 'organic' thing well.  I think this Edition Edelweiss range of luxury skincare products is about as close as I have yet come to an effective, luxury skincare regime that ticks plenty of the natural cosmetics boxes.

Edition Edelweiss cosmetics are made by cosmetics company Siin in Austria using the iconic Edelweiss flower (organic, of course).  The Edelweiss plant was chosen for its naturally occurring active ingredients which have an antibacterial effect, are high in antioxidants. This rare and protected plant species includes ingredients which help with skin tightening and stimulate blood circulation and encourage cell renewal - perfect for reducing the signs of ageing.  An added bonus is that the products are free from parabens so suitable for sensitive skins.

I tried out this duo travel set of cleanser and moisturiser to get a feel for the Edition Edelweiss range.  Both products had that 'feel' about them that a luxury skincare brand does - a silky special feeling that reminds me of the very first bottle of big-brand cleanser that I saved up my hard-earned pennies for.  The Edition Edelweiss Milky Cleansing is a very gently foaming face wash which is perfect for use at the start of the day.  A facial wash has been part of my skincare routine for a very long time and this is as good as any I've tried, leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean, tight and ready for the day.

To follow up the cleansing wash I've been using the Edition Edelweiss 24 Hour Essence Cream which is almost mousse like in texture.  It is recommended as both a day and night cream (boasting 24 hour moisturisation) but I think I most prefer to apply it during the morning because it is such a light moisturiser that I barely feel that I have it on. Beyond the alpine spring water and edelweiss extract, this Essence Cream boasts aloe vera, olive tree, goji-berry, wheat germ and jojoba oil.  The ingredients are all clearly there to help kick start your skin into doing the things that it needs to do to start combating the signs of ageing.  So, while I don't come away from my Edelweiss experience feeling like this is the most effective moisturiser I've ever tried, I do have confidence that it has changed my skin over the past few weeks and that I've got a new bounce to my skin (but that may of course be the 2 stone I've lost this summer and the new energy I have from running!!!)

You can find out more about Edition Edelweiss on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
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