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Sunday 28 September 2014

Mypure Natural and Organic Running Remedies #bbloggers #naturalbeauty #organic #review

This month, I decided to base my MyPure natural and organic cosmetics review on running remedies.  Having started running in June, I'm now building up my distance and my speed to get me through my 10 mile challenge; after every run my body feels like it needs a pick-me-up so what better way to test out some of the MyPure range of organic bodycare products?  For a relaxing post-tun bath I chose the Skin Blossom Therapeutic Bath Soak and for some TLC where my aches and pains need it most, the Bentley Organic Muscle Balm.

Skin Blossom Therapeutic Bath Soak
Skin Blossom Therapeutic Bath Soak

Skin Blossom is a new brand for me - I like the look of all of their products but the Therapeutic Bath Soak called me.  My post-run bath is a bit of a ritual and I've been on the lookout for something that would not only help me wind down in the evenings, but also help my legs on the way to recovery.  The combination of Lavender, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang essential oils makes this a beautiful-smelling bubble bath although I've noticed that the smell quickly disseminates and I don't really get the benefits of the scent once I'm in the bath.

Aloe Vera and coconut oils make this a gentle and kind addition to the bath with no irritants for my skin.  With over 98.8% organic ingredients it ticks most of my boxes. It is, of course, free from SLS, SLES, ALS, Phylates and Parabens, synthetic colour or fragrance.  The Therapeutic Bath Soak from Skin Blossom is a relaxing bubble bath but I think the short-lasting scent lets it down.  It costs £5.96 from Mypure.

After my bath, I would normally apply a body lotion but recently I've had some really really achey legs.  The tops of my legs feel stronger but this comes with a sacrifice after each run!  I've also struggled with the strength in my lower legs, ever since I twisted my ankle on holiday so the Bentley Organic Muscle Rub is a godsend.  It is a highly aromatic balm blended with natural oils with healing, relaxing properties for body and mind.

Bentley Organic Muscle Rub
Bentley Organic Muscle Rub

The scented oils of camphor, mint, cinnamon, clove and cajeput (similar to tea tree) are blended with sunflower oil, beeswax and shea butter.  The balm is soft and easy to apply and you can feel it getting to work instantly; a gentle warming sensation.  This organic muscle balm is exactly what my legs needed and I'm feeling so much more alive after my runs since using it.  Mind you, the cat isn't so much of a fan and runs away from me after I've applied it!  The Bentley Organic muscle balm costs £7.20 for

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