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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Splash About UV Float Suit Review

We LOVE taking our girls swimming at the weekends.  Over the summer holidays we've hardly been swimming at all and I was really worried that the girls would be out of practice; their swimming lessons start up again this week so we decided to get in a bit of swimming practice and Holly (28 months) swam like a mermaid, all thanks to this new gadget - The Splash About UV Float Suit.

We are big Splash About fans and both girls have worn Splash About Happy Nappies or swimming costumes since they first set eyes on a swimming pool but this is the first summer that we've tried one of their Float Suits.  The Splash About float suit is a buoyancy aid which is designed to help children learn to swim.  Unlike armbands or arm floats, the buoyancy part of the suit is around the waist which I think helps Holly for a couple of reasons.

1. It leaves her arms free for paddling with no restrictions
2. Having the buoyancy around her middle I think instantly helped her to understand her own buoyancy - I think it will take quite a while yet for Holly to fully learn to swim without an aid but I think that simply understanding your own body's behaviour in water is a big step towards this.

Holly thought it was absolutely hilarious when her big sister told her that her tummy looked like she was expecting a baby!  It may look a little funny when they are out of the water, but the floats aren't heavy and don't weigh her down at all.  Each pocket in the suit contains two small floats which you can remove one at a time as your child gains in confidence.  In the few times we have used the suit, I've already removed a couple from hers.

It is hard to put into words, quite how much of a difference the Splash About float suit made to Holly's swimming.  Previously she had attempted a width on her own but very quickly lost interest but with this, I witnessed her swim an entire length of the pool aided only by her suit.  Her teeny tiny arms and legs kicked and paddled for nearly an hour in that pool - there was no stopping her.  It put a massive smile on my face.

The UV float suit is also great for holidays because the fabric of the suit offers SPF50+ protection.This digital print design is new to the Slpash About range.  There are two new designs - Funky Flamingos and Funky Fish!  The suits are available in sizes 1-2, 2-4 and 4-6 years for around £27.99.

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