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Monday 15 September 2014

Melt & Make Chocolate Lollipop Animals Review

This weekend the girls and I had a bit of a cooking sesh.  They had been badgering me all week to cook but when I get home in the evenings, I normally want to get dinner ready as quickly as possible so I decline their help!  As a special treat, I let the girls make their own pudding using this fun Make & Melt chocolate lollipop kit from Choc on Choc.

This beautifully presented gift set for kids comes with five different animal shaped moulds, a chef's hat, one set of lollipop sticks and enough belgian chocolate buttons to make your first set of chocolate animal lollipops.

Making the lollipops was great fun.  I melted the chocolate buttons in the microwave and poured the gorgeous oozy belgian chocolate into a jug to make it easier for the girls to pour into the moulds.

Lara took the job very seriously.  Her little sister just set to with a spoon to scoop all of the chocolate back out of the moulds and into her mouth quicker than we could fill them!!!

They each placed the lollipop sticks into the moulds and then I placed them into the fridge to set in time for dinner.

The animal chocolate lollipops were VERY popular and very messy!  I must say that ordinarily, the quality of chocolate in kids cookery kits is poor but this Choc on Choc belgian chocolate was AWESOME.  Good quality chocolate really makes a difference and I'm glad to be able to start teaching my two girls that from a very young age.

The moulds are re-usable and Choc on Choc sell their dark, milk and white chocolate buttons so you can make more lollipops at a later date if you can find some sticks.

The Melt & Make Chocolate Lollipop Making Kit costs £12.99 and is suitable from 5 years upwards (or a little younger with plenty supervision).  You can find out more about Choc on Choc on twitter.
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