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Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Logitech Big Bang - An "Oops-proof" IPad Case?

A couple of months ago, Lara and Holly became the proud owners of their own iPad Mini.  It is a relief not to have to worry about them damaging my own iPad, and not having my own tablet full of games and apps for them.  However, now that they are regularly using their own iPad Mini, we were in need of some protection for the little bundle of awesomeness... and that is where the new Logitech Big Bang rugged iPad case comes in.

Logitech asked us to put their oops-proof ipad case through its paces with the ultimate in rugged tests - a weekend in the life of a two year old and a five year old.

Logitech Big Bang

Friday Night:  Lara and Holly were fighting over who would play what on the iPad while I'm cooking dinner.  This results in tears, shouting and pulling too and fro of the iPad.  It is dropped on the floor several times before they come to some agreement on "Dr. Panda's Restaurant".  The Big Bang case can withstand drops of less than 1.4 metres with rounded edges that protect the corners as well as a screen cover that is made from shock-absorbing material.

Saturday Morning:  Lara loses the iPad down the side of the bed while trying to play "Monster Phonics".

Saturday Afternoon:  Lara and Holly help me make curried chicken marinade (very icky and sticky) and indian flatbreads (very floury!) using recipe ideas from the internet.  We placed the iPad nicely on the folding cover to stand it up like a recipe book.  Lara reads all of the ingredients and instructions by scrolling with her floury sticky fingers.  Thankfully the front and back of the case can be easily wiped clean.

Sunday:  Daddy wants to watch TV this afternoon so the girls watch Netflix together on their iPad (well-behaved this time) upstairs.  Holly drags the iPad upstairs by its cover with the iPad dangling as she bumps up each of the stairs.  No scratches or bumps thankfully and the iPad is still intact.

I am very impressed by the Big Bang.  I've tried a number of "kids" ipad cases in the past and they do tend to be bulky and restrictive but this is REALLY lightweight and compact and barely adds anything on top of the existing size of the iPad. I think it is a great family tablet cover and I'm tempted to get one for myself now to add extra protection to my own tablet in case of prying hands.
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