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Wednesday 24 September 2014

My 5* Bathroom

Viakal sent me a handy guide - "How to Achieve 5-star Results in Your Own Bathroom" in which Louise O'Mahony, provider of housekeepers to 5* hotels across the capital shares some of the industry secrets on how to make your own bathroom look as stunning as those in top hotels.  Knowing that I live in a MEGA hard water part of the country, this seemed like rather an optimistic challenge but probably not as much of a challenge as dealing with this...

Little did Viakal know that my planned bathroom rennovations would take 'for-ev-er' and that when my 5 star guide arrived I would be clearing up plaster dust on a daily basis.  That said, I knew that a shiny new bathroom would be the perfect way to put Louise O'Mahony's five-star bathroom tips to the test.  What better challenge that to try and keep a new bathroom looking like new?


Even two days after our beautiful new bathroom was complete I could already see the effects of the local limescale on our taps and shower fittings.  I've resolved to keep everything looking as new so at the weekend I gave them a quick fix of Viakal bathroom spray to get rid of the water marks and after rinsing, I polished them with a soft cloth to make then look as good as new!

I've followed Louise's tips to ensure that all of the clutter is tidied away out of view; this required a bit of re-organising of the shelves in our cabinet but it was definitely worth it.  I've given the mirror cabinet a polish to get rid of toothpaste splatters! and limited the toiletries on show to be seriously scrummy ones only (functional ones hidden away from view).  I like it, it makes the room still feel like new.

I've placed a little aromatherapy oil burning stone on the window ledge with my favourite ESPA luxury aromatherapy oils (one for a pick-me-up in the morning, and a more mellow relaxing scent for the evening); it makes a much nicer touch than a bowl of pot pourri!

One of the things I'm not quite sure I yet agree with is a recommendation to avoid brightly coloured towels and bath-mats.  I love the crisp white towels but I feel like my room is crying out for a splash of colour.  I'm tempted by a vibrant green.  What do you think?


So here is what my bathroom looks like after this weekend's mini Viakal makeover.  I'm feeling inspired... it wasn't a lot of work and I think if I do a little bit of a tidy up every weekend I'll never be faced with the mammoth limescale clear up like I used to have to in my old bathroom.
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