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Thursday 26 May 2011

Enjoying The Fruits of Lara's Garden

Earlier this year I showed you some pictures of Lara planting out her potatoes and some of her seeds in the garden. Lara has watered her plants religiously since then, and, over the past fortnight, we have started enjoying the fruits of her labour.

This is how Lara's veg plot is looking now – this year it's all in pots but actually, I think it looks pretty impressive. Back in March Lara planted, among other things, some little radish seeds. Radishes need a lot of watering, which is handy, because watering the plants is pretty much Lara's favourite pastime. This is Lara watering at her Grandpa's house...

… and this is her last week on holiday at a self-catering cottage in France!

We returned back from holiday to an impressive crop of radishes which Lara has pulled up herself, and has willingly tried (but doesn't seem to enjoy!).

This week Lara is incredibly excited about harvesting her first home-grown strawberry. It is hard to contain her excitement and we have had one or two moments when Lara has attempted to grab the lone fruit from the plant before it is quite ripe. I can't wait to see her face when she tries her own fruit because Lara is a strawberry monster at the best of times and you can't beat home-grown food for flavour.

At the weekend we planted a new tray of radishes and Lara got to try out her new 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow from Little Tikes which we'll be reviewing at the weekend. It has a built-in potting tray and is ideal for Lara to transport compost around the garden.

Lara loves the garden, and she loves eating the fruits of all her hard work.
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