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Sunday 8 May 2011

The Sunday Review – Green People No Scent Baby Oil

Baby oil was the very first thing that alerted me to Lara's sensitive skin. What I thought would be a relaxing baby massage each evening, actually unsettled Lara and made her skin red and blotchy. For the past few weeks we have been trying out the No Scent Baby Oil from Green People as a remedy for her dry skin and itchy head. Its a multi-purpose oil so, although we are only using it on Lara as a moisturising lotion that we rub in before bedtime, it can also be used for much smaller babies as a way of treating cradle cap or as a calming lotion for baby massage.

Green People No Scent Baby Oil has three active natural plant-based ingredients – rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and sunflower oil all held together in a sesame carrier oil, all of which are certified as organic. Although it is officially no-scent, the oil does have just a tiny little hint of... well.. cooking oil, which is hardly surprising given the ingredients and actually, I find the smell quite comforting. All of the oils are certified organic and fair-trade. The oil is naturally colour-free so doesn't leave any stains (we've tried calendula oil in the past which leave the skin and anything that touches it looking bright yellow!).

I like using an all-natural baby oil because I know it is free from mineral oils and parabens. I personally experience an allergic reaction to any cosmetics high in mineral oils (it makes my skin very itchy) so I always tend to prefer plant-based products. Mineral oils are petrochemical-based so can form a barrier over the skin which prevents the skin from breathing and eliminating toxins as it would normally do.

Many people who avoid mineral oils and man-made ingredients would recommend olive oil as a natural baby oil but Green People have found research that indicates that the oleic acid in olive oil could actually be a contributing factor to childhood ezcema. Personally, I would imagine that there are positives and negatives to be found when using any natural oil.

I never used olive oil on Lara so I can't compare its effectiveness but I can tell you that I like using the Green People baby oil on Lara's skin. Her ezcema has improved massively over the last few weeks – something that I attribute to her spending a lot of time out in the fresh air and without her skin hidden under layers of clothing. That doesn't mean that I no longer need to apply a moisturising lotion to her skin – little things such as taking a bath seem to strip Lara's skin of it's moisture so I still like to give her a good rub down in the evenings.

I like the Organic Babies No Scent Oil because it is easily applied ( it comes in a 100ml pump dispenser with which I have had no issues at all) and quickly-absorbed. It leaves Lara's skin looking good and if she were still a tiny baby I would have no qualms at all rubbing it into her scalp or into squidgy newborn skin! It is a good all-round baby oil that is soothing and I think it would offer some healing properties too.

No Scent Baby Oil costs £9.95 for 100ml and is available from Green People, Organic Babies or call 01403 740350. It is also available in John Lewis and some health stores.
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