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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Sunday Review – Alva Naturkosmetik Intensive Refining Cream For Cellulite

I don't suffer enormously from cellulite but I'll admit to wobbly bits where there probably shouldn't be wobbly bits. In an attempt to tame the aforementioned wobbly bits, I opted this month to review the Intensive Refining Cream by Alva Naturkosmetik from .

The refining cream costs £26.20 at present from mypure for a 150ml bottle. I'd say it was a bit on the expensive side but maybe I've been a little too liberal with my application.

The cream is a pretty heavy cream and is hard to rub in (I guess that's why I tend to use so much of it). This shouldn't be seen as a down-side though. I'd expect any cream that is going to make my skin firmer, and restore its elasticity to be a firm and elastic thing in itself... wouldn't you?

It comes in a plastic pump bottle and is dispensed by a spring-loaded pump which I found pretty hard work to use (sometime the spring didn't do its thing and I worried that there was no way for me to get into the bottle if the spring gave up altogether).

The Intensive Refining Cream has three active ingredients:-

  1. Caffeine. Sounds funny at first but actually caffeine is a common cosmetic ingredient. As an anti-oxidant it helps the skin to battle toxins, as a dieuretic it helps your body to get rid of excess water and it also helps to kick-start some of the body's own enzymes and enourage your metabolism to pick up the fight against fat.

  2. L-Arginine which is an amino acid which helps to tighten muscles and improve circulation. My circulation is notoriously poor (I suffer from Raynauds syndrome in my extremities because of this) so anything that'll kick-start my circulation in a mildly naturally manner gets a thumbs up from me.

  3. Wellmune which came as a complete surprise to me when I googled it (I had my suspiscions that it was a totally made up ingredient!). It turns out that Wellmune is a yeast-based biological ingredient used in some health foods and health products such as this cream to help boost the body's own immune system. It sounds a little bit like black magic to me but the mypure website has more information about why Wellmune works well as an ingredient for a cellulite-battling product by prompting the body to restore it's own cell walls. This, I believe, is the ingredient responsible for improving the elasticity of my skin.

And, this is the thing... I have noticed an improvement in the elasticity of my skin. When I first started using it 3 weeks ago, I was worried that I wouldn't have managed to see any, or enough of an effect to be able to write a thorough review of the product. This week, I've really noticed a difference. The skin on the tops of my legs where I've been using it is looking great (this is a particularly good thing due to the forthcoming holiday I've been talking about!). The skin is firmer, definitely (although I think we've a long way to go) but the thing that I've noticed most is a smoothness, brightness and youthfulness to the skin on my legs that I thought could never be recovered after the weight gain of child birth.

I like it. I'm going to continue using it. That's as good a review comment as you can get, right?

As with all of the natural skincare products on mypure, the Alva Naturkosmetik range is free from pthalates and sulfates. This product also has 'Eco Cert' organic certification.
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