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Sunday 22 May 2011

The Sunday Review - Melissa & Doug Easel

Meet my own little Monet! Or do you think she's got more of an Andy Warhol style to her work?

Lara has been having hours of fun in the world of wooden toys. We've been reviewing the deluxe wooden art easel by Melissa and Doug.

I think that the easel is a work of art itself. It is, like many wooden toys, built to last. All of the pieces have been well thought out to provide many years worth of use. The easel has three heights which, as you can see, mean that it is suitable for toddlers upwards.

On one side there is a whiteboard to which you can attach paper using clips. Underneath it there is a storage area of paints, brushes and pots. On the other side there is a green chalk board which is easy to wipe clean and below that, another storage area for chalks and crayons etc.

In the centre of the easel is a pole to which you can attach a long roll of paper that will flip up and over the easel meaning there could be an 'endless' supply of paper to get your little ones's creative juices flowing.

I really love the thought that has gone into this product. When we first opened the box we shuddered at the number of wooden and plastic pieces that we needed to assemble. In reality, assembly was a breeze because it didn't require any tools - all of the pieces fit together using screws with brightly coloured plastic toggles that hold them in place... no need for a screwdriver!

The easel is collapsable on one side so that it will fold and take up a little less space. Despite this, it is pretty bulky and I could do with a bigger house to put it in!

Lara loves the easel. I think it has given her a new level of independence. When she is painting or drawing on the easel I am more relaxed and don't have to hover over her to make sure she's not scribbling on the table, or the sofa - the easel is hers and it's her grown-up toy!

At £44.95 for a sturdy, smart, bulky piece of kit that is going to stand the test of time, I think it is incredible value when I compare it to the plastic, fixed-height, short-term easels that lots of the big-stores stock.

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Easel is available from
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