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Sunday 29 May 2011

The Sunday Review – Little Tikes 2-in-1 Cart and Wheelbarrow

Every gardener enjoys a new garden gadget! Lara loves to play with all of her garden tools in the back garden... digging, raking, moving compost from one place to another. Her latest garden gadget is a pretty impressive one – the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Cart and Wheelbarrow – it has brought (and will continue to bring) plenty of fun in the garden for Lara to push her tools and her compost from one part of the garden to another.

Like every Little Tikes product I've ever set eyes on, the wheelbarrow is bright and bold and irresistibly appealing to toddlers and preschoolers. Each piece is made with simple chunky plastic in a rounded, tactile manner which I'm sure accounts for the irresistibility! I have no qualms keeping the cart out in the back garden all of the time because I know it is so easy to clean.

When the wheelbarrow arrived, Lara was desperate to unpack it and assemble it IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately it came in about 2 million pieces that I had to assemble with a hammer and a screwdriver so it was a great test of her patience. I'm not sure that the levels of stress involved in constructing the toy within the time pressures of an over-eager toddler merited the cost and space savings of shipping the toy in it's collapsed, DIY state. Personally, I think I'd be prepared to pay that little bit extra for it to arrive pre-assembled.

The cart has a removable shade at the top. It looks really cute, you have to admit, but actually it presents Lara with a few problems because really she is too tall for it. When the shade is in place, she can't see the potting tray without kneeling down. I've actually found that we use the cart without the shade more often than not.

I love the little potting tray – Lara genuinely does pot up seeds on it. I'm not entirely sure that Little Tikes expect their pre-school users to be using their wheelbarrow and cart for actual, real-life gardening which is why the product comes with two plastic plant pots and plastic flowers.

When you remove the potting tray and the shade, the toy is quite a simple wheelbarrow at just the right height for Lara to pootle around the garden. She loves bringing me things inside it such as more plant pots or a bag of seeds.

The wheelbarrow comes with a couple of little garden tools – a plastic fork and trowel which have proved to be more effective than I had thought. It also comes with a water spray bottle which Lara fascinates Lara (who can resist a water gun?) She uses it for spraying the plants but the spray is a bit weak so she quickly discards it in favour of a watering can.

The Little Tikes 2-in1 Cart and Wheelbarrow retails for around £48 which, for a product as hard-wearing and multi-purpose as this, is incredibly good value in terms of the number of hours of play that we have already got out of it.

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