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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Potty Training - Tips and Experiences from Real Mums

Welcome to the Potty Training blogging carnival. I've brought together some of the many blog posts out there that offer tips and advice, and which share experiences. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

Here at Mellow Mummy we started Potty Training at 13 months, as soon as we saw the signs of readiness. We're taking it slowly and steadily. I gave a 16 month update but it has all gone a bit quiet since.

I found this comprehensive post from Cheshire Claire to be a REAL account of when she chose to potty train, the decisions she made, the approach she took and the results.

Little M at Mummy's Busy World has been blogging about pooing on demand and about the feeling of finally managing to use the potty.

Red Ted Art kept a potty diary some time back and hopes to inspire people to persevere when it seems to be taking a long time.

Sandy from Baby Baby posted this blog post on the subject. I shall say little about it, other than that it embodies the sense of pride that you get, even as a parent, when it all comes together!


For a complete guide to the different products on offer out there, check out this great roundup of potty training aids at New Mummy's Tips. Really useful stuff.

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