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Thursday 5 May 2011

An Ode to my Washing Machine and a Visit From the Fairy Hobmother

There are four residents in our house:- A potty-training, crayon-weilding, milk-sloshing toddler for whom there is no nappy on earth (either resuable or disposable) that can cope with the volumes of wee she produces; An ageing and incontinent feline who is trying to resolve his territory disputes with the neighbour hood cats in our living room; and two adults who (thankfully) are fully in control of their bladder movements. There became a point (having exhausted our supplies of Dettol and Febreze) that I was prepared to take a gamble. I just shoved the covers of our faux-suede sofas into the washing machine, closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

Oh, the joy and relief when we discovered that the sofa upholstery was indeed washable.

My poor old washing machine has been through it all recently. If full loads of sofa and curtain upholstery were not enough, there are also the frequent loads of stinky nappies and wipes and a large number of grass-stained trousers from a certain wild toddler. To top it all, I nearly killed the suffering kitchen appliance with a bra!

The (very nearly brand-new) washing machine started making a VERY weird noise. After sticking his head right inside the drum, Mr. B. discovered a rogue piece of wire poking out of the door seal. He raised it up in the air, perplexed.

“Do you think it's important?” he said, passing it to me. I blushed as I recognised it immediately,
“Hmmm, my Mum always told me that would happen and I didn't believe her”.
“Told you what? What is it?”.
“It's an underwire... from my bra”.

Ooops. That was a close one. I can't tell you how much trouble I'd be in if I'd trashed a brand new washing machine with an underwired bra.

And so dear washing machine, I'd like to say THANK YOU for your services to laundry. Thank you for dealing with life in the Mellow Household. You're my rock. Or my lobster. Or just a really cool piece of kit. Thank you.

This week I was paid a visit by the Fairy Hobmother – the magical and mysterious being who lurks in the blogosphere and grants the wishes of those who blog and those who comment about kitchen appliances! The Fairy Hobmother works for and sent me an Amazon voucher which I will, rather fittingly, use to buy myself a washing line!!!

If you would like the Fairy Hobmother to visit you and send you a lovely gift then leave a comment below with a magic wish of your own and, who knows, the Fairy Hobmother may grace you with their presence (or should I say presents?) I can't make any promises because the Fairy Hobmother moves in mysterious ways but, if you comment below and tell me what magic spell you wish you could cast (it doesn't have to be appliance-related!!!), then they may come knocking on your door!
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