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Monday 23 May 2011

Your Trike Memories

Last month I ran a lovely competition to win a Smart Trike Recliner Stroller 4-in-1, I asked you to share your fond memories of trike and to submit your photos of you or your little ones enjoying their trikes and I wanted to share a few of the wonderful photos of the great fun you can have with a trike such as a Smart Trike.

It's so nice being able to take them out without putting them in a pushchair - trikes give them a bit of freedom which I think most children crave. My youngest is 6 months old now and I can't wait to get him his first trike and see the smile on his face the first time he goes on it.

I had a big black tricycle with solid tyres so that there was no chance of getting a puncture & a big basket on the front to put my teddy bear in!!

My eldest had a trike with a long handle on the back for us to push him along...trouble is he prefered to put his toys on and push them instead!

My favourite memory is when my son got his trike at about 18 months, father christmas brought it for him and it was hidden behind the door so he didnt see it till all the other presents were opened. His dad called him over and he got halfway to the door before he saw it and literally ran as fast as he could go to get to it. My parents and sisters spent the rest of christmas day walking up and down the street in the freezing cold pushing him along as he wouldnt come in!

My grandchildren all have trikes and they all enjoy riding on them, the older ones can now peddle themselves, the little one still needs pushing, but these days you buy one trike and it changes as your child grows.

I used to childmind and had four lovely trikes that my daughter and her friends used to race around the garden

When I was a little girl I had the most beautiful bright red shiny trike. My dad spent hours customising it for me and I had a magical horn that played a little tune everytime I pressed it. It had lots of beautiful red and silver sparkly ribbons coming off the handles. The spokes had little lights attached that flashed when the wheels went round and I even had a little number plate attached to the back of the trike that featured my initials and the number 1!! My dad even made a gorgeous little basket for the front for my favourite dolly to travel on. I loved my trike so very, very much and cried when the time arrived that I no longer could fit on it.

I remember being at playgroup and zooming round the room on a trike, its probably my earliest memory so I must have loved it lots, I also remember being hotly pursued by a tot on a motorbike and I was thrilled he couldn't catch me!

I think they are soooo much better than a pushchair as far as getting baby tired out goes. We don't use a pushchair anyway, so my arms are pretty strong from all the carrying, but I would love to have my little girl getting active from a young age.

I loved my trike as a kid. My Dad said it was as though I was welded to it for the first five years of my life. Apparently I wore it out and one of the wheels fell off. It was completely irrepairable and so I made my Dad bury it in the back garden like it was a dead pet!

We sat my daughter on one of these in the shop the other day- her face absolutely lit up as she put her feet on the pedals and thought she was going somewhere on her own bike! Reminded me of that amazing feeling of my first trike!! Made of metal, with an orange seat and black frame.

I remember waking up on Christmas morning to a beautiful shiny pink trike, it had a basket on the front which I used to carry my barbies in. It brought me many hours of joy.

My oldest son had a Smart Trike and we had HOURS of fun with it. It had to go everywhere because he absolutely loved it (not easy when your car is already full of camping gear!). When he outgrew it though we gave it to another small person to enjoy. Now we have another little one and I definitely want him to have the same fun experiences we had with our other son.

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