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Monday 30 May 2011

Lara Does … The Beach!

There was something rather fantastic about showing Lara the sea for the very first time. OK, I'll admit that she has seen the sea before... from her pushchair... in the freezing February winds... in Southsea. But, last week we took her to the REAL seaside – we took her to paddle her toes in the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea in the warm French sunshine of the Cote d'Azur and to build sandcastles on the long, clean beaches.

At first, Lara seemed a bit wary of the sea and didn't want us to put her down on the sand. Due to luggage contraints, we hadn't taken a bucket and spade for Lara but her ingenious Grandparents fashioned a set from the inside of a pedal bin and a rather battered plastic rake they had found in the garden of the self-catering villa!

There was a point when Lara realised that the beach was indeed a giant version of the sandpit she plays in at home or at nursery. Being outside in the sunshine with the gentle sea breeze rushing through your hair, the heat of the sand warming your toes with the gentle lapping of the waves on the beach is a far cry from our back garden in Berkshire.

The difference in location is more than just a change of weather; It's about experiencing the real world and understanding the wonder of the natural world. I'm so glad to have been able to show Lara the enormity of the sea;I think it phased her for quite some time but hopefully, in years to come, she will share the same mesmerising fascination as I do each time I see the sea and will enjoy, as much as I do, scouring the beach for plants and creatures that you never find anywhere else.

Being outside on the beach is also incredibly good exercise – walking on sand uses muscles you never knew you had! And swimming in the sea is about three times as much effort as swimming in the pool and is incredibly invigorating.

A dip in the Mediterranean is an experience that Lara won't get very often so I'm glad she took the opportunity to join us floating in the warm, clear salt waters and to feel the sensation of sand between your toes while also enjoying being surrounded by her family (and burying them in sand).

Lara's outdoor adventure has obviously had a lasting impression on her. Ever since we came back from holiday, when people have asked Lara what she did on holiday, the answer has always been “build sandcastles... with.. Grandpa”. That makes me smile.

This post was written for this month's Tots 100 Blog Hop .
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