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Sunday 16 October 2011

ASDA Play & Learn Review

Lara has been doing what she does best - reviewing toys! the ASDA play & learn range is a selection of great value toys for pre-schoolers.

The ASDA Play & Learn musical baby steering wheel costs just £3 and is suitable for younger children from around 6 months. It comes with batteries already fitted. Lara likes to sit in the back of the car and play with it - pressing the buttons for the indicators and the ignition. I'll admit, it does make a bit of a racket but she seems to love is and has become quite possessive of it!

The musical baby steering wheel is a good toy for a tiny tot because it is easy to grab and has a number of interaction points.

The other toy from the ASDA Play & Learn range that Lara has taken to is the 26 piece wooden blocks set. A very traditional set of building blocks with letters and pictures on. They are made from a very lightweight ethically sourced wood. The blocks are surprisingly small so they are actually quite good for little hands because they are not heavy or bulky. I have great fun making silly words out of the blocks.... Lara just likes to pile them up into towers or else sort them into their different colours.

At £3 as well, these building blocks are really good value as a 'staple' toy suitable for little ones across a wide age range.

You can buy ASDA's play & learn range in store or online at Asda Direct
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