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Sunday 23 October 2011

Clarks Autumn / Winter Children's Shoes Review

Clarks' Autumn and Winter range of children's shoes are now out and, every evening when I drive past our local Clarks store, and every lunchtime when I wander past, my eyes get caught by their scrumptious range of winter boots for little girls and boys.

Clarks very kindly sent Lara a voucher so that she could buy a pair of clarks kids shoes from the new autumn/winter range. Shoe shopping on a busy saturday afternoon is my idea of a nightmare; there is simply no way I could ever work in a shoe shop and remain civil during the saturday rush but the staff in our local Clarks in Wokingham were impeccable and remained calm and helpful throughout the whole experience.

I really really wanted Lara to have a pair of warm, snuggly boots. We tried these gorgeous brown roll-top boots and these funky blue suede ones. In fact, Lara tried on about 8 different pairs of boots and seemed to be in her element. However, I think we have come to the conclusion that Lara has inherited legs the same shape as her mother and will therefore never be able to fit into boots without restricting her blood supply.

This didn't deter the cheerful staff who could have brought Lara boxes of shoes to try on all day! Thankfully, the Clarks autumn/winter range offers a lot more than just boots. For girls there are a range of pumps in sparkly colours and for boys there is a wide range of leather shoes.

We chose Lara a pair of purple nubuck leather shoes from their Bugglies range. They have a cute butterfly motif and embroidery and the simple velcro fastening keeps them tight on her feet and is easy enough that she can put her own shoes on now. As a bonus (for her, not me) Lara's new shoes came with a sheet of bugglies stickers!

We consistently go back to Clarks for Lara's shoes. Not just because of the modern range (and patient staff in our local branch) but because we know their shoes have been designed specifically for tiny feet and they are shaped to help support the bones in the feet during the delicate growing stages. I have on two occasions bought shoes for Lara by mail order (something Clarks won't even let you do for such young children) and have been disappointed by the support they offer and the comfort and fit. At Clarks, I know that even if I order online, Lara's shoes will be professionally fitted to her in store.

I think that the next pair of shoes on our shopping list is going to be a pair of snuggly winter slippers for Lara.
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