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Sunday 2 October 2011

Two Great IPod Apps for Toddlers

Lara loves her apps. All two year olds do, don't they??? I'm always on the lookout for more fun ipod apps that will entertain Lara with at least some semblence of educational content and this month we have been pointed in the direction of a couple of goodies...

My First JCB App

My First JCB App is available for IPad, IPhone and IPod Touch for £1.49. All of the games are suitable from an age as young as 2.

The format is very similar (very!) to the Humf app that Lara already has, but children probably don't notice that!!! Lara's favourite games are:-

  • Painting (colouring in)
  • Racing
  • Memory (matching pairs)
  • Jigsaws

I think the bright colours and smiley faces make this a great pre-school app and Lara would agree. Every morning I get woken up by Lara asking "want to play diggers". My only negative comment on the entire app would be that some of the games require you to differentiate between the JCB characters and unless you know them well, the differences can be as subtle as a slightly different coloured windscreen which Lara found tricky.

Postman Pat SDS

Postman Pat SDS is also available for IPad, IPhone and IPod touch although from experience I think it would probably work best on the bigger screen of the IPad.

There are 9 different games and they all have brilliant graphics. My feeling is that each of the games is suitable for children of a bout 4 upwards. They all require a little too much co-ordination and concentration for Lara right now. I also found that on the Ipod touch screen that the games were hard even for me to play because of the size of the images and text and the levels of accuracy needed with your fingertips.

Lara's favourite game is the 'Pencaster trains' where you have to change the signals to make the train go to the correct destination. It is short and easy to repeat.

The voices, music and sound quality throughout all of the games is really good.
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