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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Pregnancy Blog : Weeks 1-12

If you read yesterday's blog post then you will know that I am now just about 12 weeks pregnant with my second child. Woop!!! I thought I'd take this chance to update all of my readers on the pregnancy so far.

After the miscarriage earlier in the summer I was really hesitant to get excited when I first missed my period. I think it says a lot that back in June I took my first pregnancy test about 2 days before I was due but that after a couple of months relaxation, this time around I didn't take the test until nearly two weeks after.

It also feels quite significant that with the failed pregnancy I felt incredible morning sickness right from day one but that this time around it didn't start until a much more reasonable 6 weeks.

Saying that, there has been very little sickness. During weeks 6 and 7 I had a really horrible metallic taste in my mouth (in fact, it was what prompted me to take the test) and the occasional judder of sickness. With Lara I used to get these judders a lot, usually during the evening. So far this time I've had very few judders and by the end of week 7 the sickness had disappeared.

I haven't really felt tired either. In fact, I was so freaked out by the lack of any symptoms that I rang my GP who told me to stay mellow!

I had to tell my boss about the pregnancy a few weeks earlier than I had hoped as I felt I needed to explain my absence in a Go Ape team-building session that I had been involved in setting up.

I saw my midwife at 9 weeks which was entirely uneventful. I've chosen to get my pregnancy and labour care at Frimley Park in Surrey, the same hospital where Lara was born. This presents me issues because it isn't in the same NHS area as my GP so all my care is officially 'out of area'. As was expected, it is proving quite troublesome getting the two parties to communicate with each other and the politics involved are ridiculous - I can't have my blood samples taken by my midwife because the Surrey hospital won't accept the Berkshire blood results. As a result of this complexity I still don't have a date for my first scan even though I am more or less 12 weeks pregnant. Joy.

And finally, I made the decision to tell the world at this point because I'm very very slowly beginning to feel the worry of miscarriage fade. I don't think that you can every really relax about pregnancy after having miscarried but I do find a little comfort in the stats which show it is less likely after 12 weeks. I think there will always remain that seed of doubt about my body's ability to carry the baby through to term and I can only hope that the worry fades (perhaps after the first scan) enough for me to enjoy the pregnancy.
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