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Monday 3 October 2011

Pass on the Love with Persil

Earlier this summer, Jo Whiley launched the Persil 'Pass on the Love' picnics and we were given the chance to host our own Teddy Bear's Picnic too.

Lara held her own Pass on the Love picnic in our spare room on a rainy evening. It was a chance for us to sort through all of her teddies and soft toys (and through my own rather massive collection too) and see if we could find any toys who were feeling a bit unloved and in need of a new home.

Our searching identified one rabbit, a parrot, a chimpanzee and a hippo who Lara had shown no interest in for quite some time. The Persil Pass on the Love picnic is intended as an opportunity for you to pass on these cuddly toys, and any other bits and bobs you no longer need to the other attendees at your picnic or on to Oxfam. I washed the cuddly toys in my brand new bottle of Persil 2-in-1 with Comfort and then dropped our offerings off at the Oxfam near our work (remembering to tag them with my own Gift Aid tag so that Oxfam can claim back the tax on the items of mine that they sell).

And the fact that the summer is nearly over and it was chucking it down with rain didn't ruin our picnic. In fact, you can have a picnic any day of the year. Lara's own birthday party this year was intended to be an outdoor picnic but we held it in the living room instead. In fact, one of Lara's Aunties gets all the more excited about living room picnics because they remind her of childhood!

So, a great big thank you from Lara and our teddies to Persil 2in1 for helping us to Pass on the Love.

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