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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Working Mums Now & Then

I shall admit that this post is just an excuse for me to upload some lovely pictures of Lara, me and Mellow Grandma!

Recently we all appeared in an edition of Yours magazine in an article comparing women's approaches to motherhood between generations. I was really pleasantly surprised at the article which talked about mothers and daughters who had each taken a different approach to working motherhood and it prompted some interesting discussion on the Yours forums.

I am a working mum. I love doing what I do. My mum largely didn't work. Both approaches were right for us. I don't feel any guilt for working away from Lara for much of the day, but I also don't think Mum made a wrong decision. People should do what works for them financially, socially and culturally.

Anyway, I shall leave you with the photos from the article which I have reproduced here with kind permission from Bauer Media.

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