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Sunday 30 October 2011

Living Nature Handcare Review

This month I have been sampling some of Living Nature's products from Mypure for hands. I've tried some of Living Nature's haircare products before and although their all-natural New Zealand approach really appeals to me, I hadn't been that impressed so this time I decided to try something totally different.

The Living Nature Purifying Handwash comes in a 250ml pump-action bottle. It is quite genuinely the nicest pump soap I have ever tried. It is incredibly gentle on my skin for a soap and smells absolutely divine with a gentle honey scent from Manuka honey.

The Living Nature handwash describes itself as 'rich' but I actually find it a bit watery. It is so runny that it spurts out of the pump spout at speed and at an unusual angle so that actually you need two hands - one to pump the bottle and one to catch the catapulting soap!

Despite this, I do really enjoy using the handwash and, as a bonus, the active plant ingredients of Living Nature products are supposedly able to promote cell renewal so my hands may even start to look younger!

To compliment my new handwash I also got hold of a bottle of Living Nature Nourishing Handcream. Once again, I found the formula to be a touch too liquid and this caused the handcream to take a long time to be absorbed into the skin.

The handcream contains manuka honey as its active nourishing ingredient but also Larch extract which I assume gives it a really nice refreshing plant-y smell and helps to provide a natural barrier for my hands against the elements. I've found the Living Nature hand cream to leave my hands feeling supple but not sticky (even though it does take a long time to absorb, it doesn't hang around on the skin).

You can buy pretty much the full range of natural hair, skin and body care products from Living Nature over at
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