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Sunday 9 October 2011

Garden Games Review

Last weekend, with the unseasonal sunny weather, we got out in the garden and played a few family games in the sunshine. We had been sent a set of Quoits to review from

Garden Games 2

If you've never played Quoits before then let me explain - its pretty simple, which is why it makes for a great game for Lara. You each stand a fixed distance away from the wooden cross and throw your rope rings in an attempt to hook them over the different posts attached to the cross. Each post is worth a different point value and the aim is to get as many points as possible.

Garden Games 1

Lara and I spent many a happy hour on Sunday hurling rope rings across the garden! Actually, I think Lara enjoyed going to fetch them and re-arrange them all more than she enjoyed the competitive edge.

I found the Garden Games quoits set really easy to assemble, apart from the centre peg which just wouldn't go in - I had to balance it in place. Quoits costs £15.99 from Garden Games where there are LOADs of other garden games on offer such as giant snakes and ladders and connect 4! For us, Quoits is perfect because some of the other outdoor games we own require a bit too much concentration and discipline for a toddler but this one is a game which brings every player to the same level, regardless of age.
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