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Thursday 13 October 2011

Lara does... Herefordshire Beacon (1109ft)

Last month Mr. B was challenged by Kiddy to climb the steepest hill he could find with a toddler on his back using the new Kiddy Adventure Pack. No stopping. No running.

Now, Mr. B is not afraid of a challenge so we sought out the steepest hill we could find... while we were on holiday in Herefordshire we decided to tackle the tallest of the Malvern hills on the Herfordshire side of the border (the Worcestershire beacon is slightly taller). At the top of the Herefordshire beacon is an Iron Age settlement called British Camp and we had heard the views were amazing. This was the ideal challenge for the Kiddy Adventure Pack.

The Kiddy Adventure Pack is a baby and child backpack carrier for babies who can sit upright unaided. It is suitable for children right up to 18kg (Lara, at 2 years is just a touch less than this). When Lara was a baby we tried a similar baby carrier as Mr. B was eager to try and carry her on his back but the one we tried (from freecycle) was simply a metal frame with a really flimsy fabric and we didn't feel safe using it. The Kiddy Adventure Pack couldn't be more different. It is a really lightweight frame with a strong, sturdy fabric and padding everywhere that you would think you would need it. The best thing about it is that Lara likes being in it but as a bonus, Mr. B thinks it looks cool too.

Our Kiddy Adventure Pack has now become one of our travel essentials. It helps us because Lara is old enough to walk with us now but she gets tired out easily and couldn't reasonably have been expected to walk up a 1109ft hill unaided. Using the Kiddy Adventure Pack gives us the freedom to be buggy-free.

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