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Tuesday 11 October 2011

My Bio Oil Skin Story (and a BIG Mellow Mummy announcement)

There is something rather rewarding about accepting that you have got stretch marks. Its almost liberating to admit it. As part of Bio Oil's new 'Skin Stories' campaign to get people sharing and celebrating their scars, I thought I would share some exciting news with you.

When I was pregnant with Lara I swore by Bio Oil. I slathered it on for much of my second trimester when I first noticed that my boobs were doubling in size and the skin was stretching. I'll admit that I wasn't anywhere near as thorough during the final trimester when my belly really started to bulge and I guess that was because I really felt that my skin around my tummy was healthy and seemed to be coping well with the stretch.

In the couple of years following Lara's birth I've noticed that the skin on my breasts has recovered well but the skin around my belly (where it was most stretched to accommodate Lara's 8lb 12oz) is pocked and scarred. With hindsight, I should have paid more attention to this area at the time!

The stretch marks on my tummy have become all the more noticeable in the past couple of months, mainly because my tummy is beginning to bulge once again. Yes, after the little hiccup in the summer, I'm pregnant once more and approaching the end of my first trimester with the beginnings of a bump.

As my waistline has slowly started to expand, I've become really aware of the stretch marks and so this time I'm determined to combat the effects with Bio Oil. I've been using it for a month now and can see a marked improvement in the appearance of the existing stretch marks and I'm hoping that it will also have preventative effects too.

This time, I'm going to stick with it and, along with a few other skincare essentials and handy tips, I'm going to try and keep good care of my skin during pregnancy and in those vital few months afterwards.

To take part in the ‘Skin Stories’ campaign, you can contribute your skin story to the Bio Oil facebook page and for every story shared they will donate £1 to the British Skin Foundation:
  • Follow the campaign on facebook at and find out what women like you have to say

  • Join the conversation and contribute your own skincare or body positive ideas, thoughts and recommendations to the group.

  • Get some answers by putting your questions to our team of skincare, health, beauty and wellbeing experts (details below) who will dispel myths and offer practical advice that makes a difference

  • Try something new: watch videos from our experts and celebrities, learn top make-up and skincare techniques

  • Become a campaign ambassador: talk about the campaign on your own facebook wall and maybe offer a link to our page; tweet any positive news or views you learn, and use the campaign to help you talk about the subject with family and friends.

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