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Saturday 15 March 2014

Easter Is Coming!

Easter is a little over a month away and I'm putting plans in place already with lots of fun Easter crafts for the girls.  We have made it a little bit of a tradition in our house that instead of buying chocolate eggs for the girls, we buy them an Easter themed book so I need to have a bit of a scout around for some book ideas.

That's not to say that the girls don't get chocolate Easter eggs at all, just that they receive them as gifts from friends and family.  This year Thorntons wanted to show us their  range of chocolate Easter eggs and gifts which all look scrumptious but we got a sneaky chance to try one out in the run up to Easter.

We chose this amazing, large, Banoffee Pie Easter Egg which is very representative of the Easter Thorntons range and includes a squiggle of different coloured chocolate as well as a huddle of exciting yummy goodness at the front - these are sweet dried banana chips and small chunks of crispy caramel.  The girls went wild for it.

Mr. B. and I loved the fact that it wasn't overly banana-y and most of the egg was pure unadulterated chocolate.  More Easter eggs should be like this!  I would be more than happy to give one of these eggs as an Easter gift... but even happier to receive one myself.

I always find Easter a really fascinating time of year.  Mr. B. and I got married on the 22nd of March which, that year, was Easter Saturday.  It is really interesting to see how much the Easter weekend can move and this year it is nearly a whole month later and will be on Sunday April 20th 2014.
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