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Thursday 27 March 2014

Leapfrog Book Club - Sofia The First

April sees the launch of the Leapfrog LeapReader book club on the Leapfrog UK Facebook page.  Holly and Lara are big LeapReader fans and they were asked to give their thoughts on the first of the books to be featured in the Book Club, Disney Sofia The First - A Princess Thing.

Sofia The First A Princess Thing is a book for the LeapReader Junior reading system - ours is a green hand-held console in the shape of Scout the dog.  As you press the reader onto the page, it reads out the words from the pages along with sounds, music and conversation from the story.  The book is part of the Get Ready to Read Series which is designed to encourage younger children to start to understand the concept of characters in a book and to listen and comprehend - they are designed for children from about 2 years to 4 years old.

My girls LOVE anything Disney Princess related and were both very taken with the story.  In the story, Sofia decides that she wants to train to appear in the Flying Derby race (flying horses AND princesses? it doesn't get more perfect if you are 4!).  Sofia's older sister thinks that the idea of a princess racing in the derby is terribly uncouth and tries repeatedly to convince Sofia to give up.

Princess Sofia is allocated an inexperienced flying horse called Minimus who needs a LOT of practice but they keep on trying and trying and eventually everything comes good for the race when even her older sister, Amber is proud of her.

This was my younger daughter Holly's first experience with the Leapreader Junior and she seemed genuinely fascinated.  She is very into ponies and horses right now so she loved turning to these pages and pressing Scout onto each of the pictures to find out more and to listen to Minimus speak to Sofia.

Lara is nearly 5 and most enjoyed listening and then answering the questions. The comprehension questions aren't taxing and are usually directly related to the story being told on the current page but it does give a sense of achievement when they answer them correctly.

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