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Monday 17 March 2014

Peppa Pig Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I'm just a little bit excited about Mother's Day this year as I think Lara, who is nearly 5, really understands the idea this year.  Holly goes through stages of being a real Mummy's girl and she has also recently discovered the joys of Peppa Pig - I think I may have seen or hear approximately 20 episodes in one sitting this weekend.  These two fun gift ideas would make lovely gifts for mummies to share with their children this Mother's Day (30th March).

These fun Peppa Pig wash mitts cost in the region of £4.99 and come in two sizes - one is shaped like Mummy Pig in her bikini and is great for mummy to help out at bath time.  The other is much smaller and is for tiny hands like Holly's so that she can join in with washing at bath time too.  Both of my girls love these wash mitts and really got into the idea of washing being both of our jobs.  The Peppa-sized mitt really was quite small and was too small for Lara but it actually works quite well for our two girls to be able to share the set between them.  You can find these Peppa and Mummy Pig wash mitts online and in most major supermarkets.

Lara also is particularly taken with this Peppa Pig board book - "My Mummy". It is written such that she can read it herself and I almost melted when she first read it out loud to me - now Holly likes to take the book and sit on her bed and "read" it to me as well with lots of "Mummy" words. My Mummy is a fun book in which Peppa explains all the cool things about her mum, Mummy Pig. There are references to lots of Peppa Pig episodes that I recognise including the one where Mummy Pig lets the Peppa and George dress up in her clothes and the one where Mummy Pig gets stuck in a blackberry bush.

My favourite part of the book is where Peppa days that her Mummy works very hard on the computer - I tell Lara she can say the same about me! I think this book makes a wonderful mothers day gift to read with your little ones and this year I've really seen how books about Mummy can help children understand the role of their parents well within the context of other people's families.

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