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Saturday 29 March 2014

Hawes & Curtis - The Professional Me

This is Me.  The professional Me. The working mum, Me.

Truth be told, my job doesn't really require me to dress up.  Not even smart casual.  Most days, the working Me is a Jeans-and-a-baggy-top type of Me.  But I've just been promoted so maybe now I need to start taking things a bit more seriously and dress the part of a Software Development Lead?

Hawes & Curtis make Ladies fashion shirts like this groovy stripey one.  Some of their shirts are quite formal, ideal for a smart office job.  Others, like these fashion shirts are a bit more casual and I could even see myself wearing this at the weekend.

When I was asked to give my thoughts on the range, I chose this Ladies Red & Purple Multi Stripe Classic Fit Cotton Shirt.  It has a single cuff because I didn't feel like my job quite yet warranted a double-cuff with cufflinks!

I loved the bright yet feminine colour scheme - pinks and purples are definitely the theme in my work wardrobe at present.  The classic shirt is quite a loose fit, which is perfect because it makes me feel mellow and not uptight and feels more like my traditional work attire.  It is ever so slightly shaped at the back with two small darts to pull it in around the waist.

When Lara first laid eyes on the shirt she couldn't quite believe it was for me.  I rather suspect that Lara has never seen me wear a shirt for work.  The funny thing is that before I became a Mum I did dress up specially for work.  I started my current job about 2.5 years before Lara came into my life and would still make an effort each morning for work even though I am not customer facing in any way.  But, since becoming a mum I've blended in more with the guys that I work with and I don't normally have the time or the inclination to dress to impress.  Mornings are about survival these days.

But, last year I made myself a new year's resolution to take my career more seriously and I think it has paid off.  I really threw myself into my job when I returned from maternity leave after baby number two and 12 months on I managed to get the promotion I have been aiming for, for several years.

So maybe this is the new Me.  The smart Me. The boss.
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