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Friday 14 March 2014

Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

When Holly was sent the Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set to review, I knew that it would set her imagination alight and I was right - I get served a cup of tea by Holy every evening now!  I hadn't quite expected my older daughter Lara to be as inspired but even she has enjoyed playing with the teapot to listen to the little ditties that it plays!

Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party
Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

The teapot is accompanied by two small tea cups and a plate with a cake that is made up of six pieces of pretend cake, each with a different colour of icing and a small picture on top of a different fruit.  But really, the teapot is the star of the show.  Just watch this video to see why Holly loves it so much!

There are 7 different learning songs and over 50 different combinations of phrases and chants which means that it takes a while to drive you around the bend.  Holly for some reason loves the music more than any other musical toy we have ever owned!  The lid of the teapot opens and closes and inside there is a reflective mirror cover to add a bit of sparkle.  We love the fact that when you pretend to pour a cup of tea, the lights on the front change so that it actually looks like the level of the water has gone down!

The Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set at first glance seems very similar to another pink children's teapot, cup and cake set from a big brand of toys that may or may not have the initials F.P.  But, I would say that it goes that little bit further - we particularly appreciate the English accent on the Leapfrog teapot and the fact that interaction is encouraged - each time the teapot sings a song it references a different colour or fruit on the cake to inspire your child to fetch the right piece.  For Holly this is a nice early introduction to words and colours and she eagerly rushes off to fetch the right piece of cake.

The Leapfrog teapot changes colour depending on which colour of cake she is singing about.  We love the sound effects and the fact that she tells you when she has run out of tea and needs you to press her buttons to refill her.

The Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set is recommended for children aged 1-3 years old and costs around £19.99.

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